Colchester 101 is a blog for the town of Colchester full of content that you won’t find anywhere else. We write about the music and arts scenes, and other subjects with a local flavour or that we believe are of interest to our readers. We interview the town’s ‘movers and shakers’ as well as bands, musicians, the occasional politician, and anyone else who we think you might want to hear from.

Back in 2010 we launched the original Colchester 101 magazine which, to our surprise, and delight of course, was a huge hit in the town. Unfortunately, after a good run, we had to take the decision to close it and concentrate on our day jobs due to how time consuming we discovered it is to produce a monthly magazine. Dust sheets were thrown over the project and life returned to normal, but ever since people have never stopped asking “When are you bringing Colchester 101 back?”

So, due to popular demand, we’ve given in and here it is. Colchester 101 is online this time, and we’re aiming to keep the same tone, the same quality, and deliver the same kind of content you enjoyed before, and of course updated more often than we ever could in a monthly magazine.

We are politically neutral and we try not to pick sides, but when we do take sides it’s with Colchester, the town and the football team. If you think you have something to contribute that would add to Colchester 101 then do please drop us a line and tell us about it. We’ll be delighted to hear from you.