Colchester Musicircus

Colchester is to host a unique music event that will be the first of its kind in Essex. The Musicircus celebration is set to be first large-scale public event in the newly appointed City of Colchester.

As the first large public event since the city status announcement, Colchester is set to host a unique symphony of music performances in a dramatic live event on Sunday 12th June from 1pm to 3pm in the city centre. Hundreds of musicians from across the county will come together to be a part of Musicircus, a free event that will immerse Colchester in sound.

From local professionals within the music industry to young schoolchildren taking part, musical artists will take to the streets to perform in locations across Colchester, sharing their music from different locations, all at the same time.

Creating a crescendo of sound from Lion Walk to Culver Square, Musicircus will enable visitors to the newly named city to be able to simply sit back and let moments of musical inspiration wash over them or pick out the performer that piques their interest and zone in on what they love most.

The first event of its kind in the county of Essex, the Musicircus concept has its origins in the United States, giving a platform for artists of all kinds to perform in unison whilst allowing audiences to discover new sounds, as well as enjoy old favourites.

Carla Hales, the event’s founder said, “It’s a wonderful opportunity for people to have access to lots of different musical instruments and performances they might not necessarily have been exposed to before. We’re excited to get the local music community involved.”

Colchester’s Musicircus will be working alongside partners including Colchester Lion Walk, Essex Music Service and In Colchester.

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