Sitting Down With Evil

If you love a good thriller then Sitting Down With Evil by Colchester’s newest author could well be the perfect holiday read for you.


West Belfast, 1972. The government has lost control. The streets of Northern Ireland are on fire, with violence escalating on both sides. Lance Corporal Owen Twill is snatched up by the IRA and held captive for ten days. On his release he leaves the army and returns to England, a broken and bitter man, obsessed with visiting revenge on the Provo commander responsible for his injuries.

It’s 2016, and one by one, members of Owen Twill’s old unit are dying in suspicious circumstances. When he learns the dark secret behind his betrayal, a chain of events is set in motion, the aftermath of which is felt from Belfast to New York City.

As he tracks down former colleagues, he uncovers a powerful cabal with tentacles that reach to the corridors of Westminster. A conspiracy that pitches friend against friend in a battle to be the last man standing.

About the Author

Charlie Palmer

Charlie Palmer is a 52 year old voluntary worker. Born in Brixham, Devon he has lived and worked in Kent, London and the United States before making North Essex his home 23 years ago.

Charlie started a career in the City young, foregoing university for real life experience. At one point the youngest Director in the city, his motivation waned after nearly three decades and he took a step back to spend more time with his family. This freedom allowed him to indulge his love of travel, following F1 around the world and visiting family in Portugal and Singapore.

Married to Emma, his two sons are finishing their studies at university.

Although Sitting Down With Evil is his first novel, he had a short story published in 2017.

Sitting Down With Evil is available in hardback, paperback and Kindle from WH Smith, Browns Book and Amazon and other good bookstores.