The Kubricks Rock The Soundhouse

A Saturday night out in Colchester for me these days usually involves ending up in The Bull to check out the bands in the pub’s dedicated on-site music venue, the Soundhouse. Last night’s trip into town was to be no exception, so after a couple of pints of Blue Moon in Hudson Bar on Head Street mingling with the town’s trendy set (being over 40 we were of course invisible to them) we were Crouch Street bound as word had reached us that The Kubricks were in town.

On arrival at The Bull Dave Richards, the owner, greeted us at the door, and after a brief stop at the main bar to grab a couple of drinks we made our way through to the Soundhouse in time for our main event. After an enthusiastic introduction from Ben Howard, Colchester’s very own Mr Cool, The Kubricks, a nine-piece band from London, hit the stage and nearly blew the roof off the packed venue; in the process instantly propelling themselves onto my Fantasy Gig Line-Up. Fantasy Gig Line-Up, I hear you ask, what’s that? Well simply put, it’s a list of the bands and artists I would want to have playing if I was organising my own party, say for a significant birthday, wedding, or perhaps a mini festival in the garden. It goes without saying that these acts that would all have to be within my limited budget, so the likes of Simple Minds and Blondie are on my separate Post Lottery Win Fantasy Gig Line-Up. My restricted budget line-up so far includes Colchester’s Ady Johnson, Animal Noise, Modern English and F.O.X to name but a few. And of course The Kubricks, who have now given me a headache with the running order. But I digress.

If your musical tastes include any of the following –  Ska, Jazz, Rock, Northern Soul, Rock and Pop you will love The Kubricks. If they don’t, I think I’d still be safe placing a bet that you will love them. Fronted by the energetic and charismatic Peter Shreeves, The Kubricks belted out a high energy set that kept the house rocking for forty-five minutes, delivering infectious song after song that showed why they were so in demand during last year’s festival season, playing at no less than seven festivals, three of which they headlined, as well as playing main support slots for UB40, The Toasters and Buster Shuffle. Their influences clearly come from the best of British Ska, in fact their website proudly features this quote from Horace Panter, the bassist in The Specials:

“I can hear Madness, The Ruts, Squeeze and The Clash in there… all mashed up to make something very listenable. There are tunes you can sing in the bath or at the traffic lights. Intelligent lyrics and danceable too!! ”

It’s not often I go to a gig, see a band for the first time, and feel like their songs are already a part of me. With great songwriting, and a memorable performance that over-delivered on everything that the audience could have wanted, that is exactly what The Kubricks achieved for me.

The Kubricks are a band not to be missed, so make sure you catch them next time they are in town.

Simon Crow